rorywilliams’ url giveaway

I am moving to a new blog and have no use for this url anymore, so as a thank you to all my followers I am giving you the chance to have it. 
I will drawn the winner, which will be recorded and posted here on Feb 08. 
This is how it will work:

You must follow my new blog (x) to enter, that gives you one entry. Everyone that reblogged my first post about this (x) will have to reblog this post as well so they can have an extra entry. (No longer available for those who have not reblogged it already).

There will be a limit of 500 people (who reblog this post) and 1000 entries. (Because everyone had a chance to double their entries).

3. When the post hits 500 notes I will have every entry written in a piece of paper. On Feb 8 I will drawn 3 blogs. The first one is the winner, the others just a reassurance in case the winner does not answer my message within 48 hours.

I only have 3 rules:

1. You must follow the new blog (x).

2. Reblog this post.

3. And link me as previous owner of the url on your blog for at least 2 months. (On a updates bar, sidebar or FAQ.)

Feel free to ask me questions. That’s it, good luck!

alright ya nerds y’all have been bugging me for ages about this so let’s have a url giveaway


what up losers it’s ya bud sophia (formerly melodypond) here !!! i deleted a few months ago and i got a lot of grief for hoarding the melodypond url so guess what??? you guessed it i’m gonna give it away!!!!! whoa!!!!!!

so basically how it’s gonna go down: i’ll use a random number generator to choose the winner. i’ll contact them via inbox, and arrange a time to be online at the same time so i can give it to you without anybody taking it

here are the rules

  • i guess you can reblog as many times as you want, but i heard that no matter how many times you reblog it only shows up once??? idk
  • likes count!!!
  • please check out my new blog, it’s like 99% anime now but every follow is appreciated <33
  • also check out my best friend lilla yoo
  • have your inbox open and ready

i’ll choose a winner on feb the 1st most likely, but i may end up doing it later. all reblogs up to then will be counted!

if you have any questions, please contact me! happy reblogging!


Remembrance of the Daleks deleted scene: Things could get nasty!


He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops. He never stays. He never asks to be thanked.